Amanda Emsley


British Columbia REGISTERED MIDWIFE + INternational Board Certified LACTATION CONSULTANT + University of British Columbia Clinical Faculty + British columbia Rural Locum Midwife :

WHY MIDWIFERY: Has something in this world ever grabbed your curiosity so strongly you let it take hold of you? Other things want your attention but you put them aside, you offer yourself, as Jung would say, you'r in your flow. For me this is midwifery. I follow its fascinating tunes and lines past common knowing; carried into a wild place that feels like home. A home without a clock made in the folds of eternity found suspended by a soothing luminal space. In this home we build culture. We build the future together. You, doing the heavy lifting and of creating with your body and spirit the next generations, and me protecting space so you can do this work in an emotionally, physically and culturally protected environment. As this creative project unfolds it is my hope you feel heard, cared for, your sovereignty honoured, and who you are expressed.

I have always enjoyed witnessing acts of bravery, expression of human potential, and love. Childbearing is rich in these moments. Over and over I witness strength, courage, and raw vulnerability. What May have previously seemed impossible physically or emotionally simply said, happens. You may be challenged to face your own expectations or maybe defy the expectations of those around you. In childbearing we face challenging opportunities with potential to understand ourselves better maybe even grow. I am humbled to walk these moments with you and help you navigate the unknown and uncomfortable. For you and me, just another days hard work.

Midwifery is relational and meaningful: I am overcome with memories of clients who return in their subsequent pregnancies with mutual warm regards, embraces that bring waves of shared memory making. Teaching grown children I previously welcomed as babes to assist me with their moms belly checks. Or witnessing the unadulterated moment of meeting ones baby for the first time. You can’t bottle this stuff. It’s just too much radical to fit.
My goal is to weave ancient wisdom that is clarified by modern science. I value blending the science and art of maternity care to offer comprehensive, research based medicine. It is safe to say I have never been bored at my job. It demands me to be on my toes seeking new and better ways to practice. It demands I keep growing and being curious. Let’s grow together.

WHY LACTATION CONSULTING: I often joke that it’s because my mom breastfed me till I was 3. She said when she told me no more, I just looked up at her and her breasts with a longing respect. I had a good thing going considering at that time breastfeeding was being scoffed at. She smiles when she talks about that time we had. This attitude was my mothers gift to me, and I offer this gift to you. I have a deep respect for effective, efficient technologies that equate to healthy outcomes in medicine and an even bigger respect for what women’s bodies can do. I believe in women’s right to choose and thus choice is queen. I have seen pressure to breast-feed get in the way of mom’s well-being, expectations and pressure get in the way of healthy connection potentially causing harm. For these reasons I always start by asking what your personal goals are with feeding your baby. I’m not here to tell you what to do rather I want to make sure you have the most up-to-date research and experience in your court. From your experience and mine, we are able to make a map together for you to follow when and if the path seems blurry.I have been working with breastfeeding moms for almost 18 years. I started a LLL chapter, was a LLL leader, was featured on a documentary called "Latched", I have done public interviews on radio on the subject matter, lead a campaign for breast friendly initiative in Vancouver, as well I have been a guest speaker In New York City, hosted by York University to speak to Motherhood Breastfeeding and Social Change. I am now offering breastfeeding counselling as a Registered Midwife and also as a registered International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.


“If you light a lamp for someone it will also brighten your path.” -Buddhist Proverb

I am Clinical Faculty at The University of British Columbia. When my practice becomes stale the best treatment or medicine is the vibrant spirit of a student. Students I have worked with have introduced me to new research, shared fresh ideas, and failures to learn from other practices. Furthermore, the wisdom and perspective they bring from their own lives. Most students Who are in the midwifery program at UBC have previous rich chapters, degrees in diverse disciplines, maybe children… In this way they act as essential cross- pollinators of ideas in maternity care. Going from clinic to clinic The share generously all this experience with myself and you. Mentoring is a unique opportunity to step outside my normal circle of ideas to gain an intimate understanding of how the world looks through someone else’s eyes. New perspectives lead to fresh ideas, and who knows where fresh ideas could lead one. When a student is present one can assume best practices in medicine are being taught, practiced, and performed. I hope you enjoy having a student involved as much as I do.



Kristy Leclerc enjoyed several careers that prepared her to excel in her role before joining our clinic. (Her most important career is “managing” her 5 kids for the past 19 years!) Once her youngest was in school she thought about returning to the work force. Kristy asked herself, “What would I love to do the most in the whole world?” Looking back at her doula training in 2006 she realized that her true love is working with families and babies. Since having her home water birth, she has continued to respect the work of amazing midwives. So, Kristy determined that the perfect fit was to go back to college and she obtained a diploma in Executive Medical Office Administration in 2016. Since then, she has enjoyed working for Midwives and seeing all the pregnant people and newborn babies every day. Kristy loves hugs & squeezes and is privileged to get to spread love onto all of the clients!

When she’s not in the clinic, Kristy enjoys down time with her husband and kids. Friday night is movie night at home. They all enjoy MCU, Star Wars Series, and anything Disney! Coffee in the morning with hubby in their garden, smoked brisket with friends on a Sunday, or at the beach as a family: you’ll see how important relationships are to her. Kristy is an avid reader, an artist, and life-long learner. She is looking forward to getting to know you!